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Report a Complaint or Concern

Southeast 社区 College is committed to promoting a safe and welcoming environment which recognizes and is respectful of diversity and which improves the quality of campus life for students, faculty and staff.

These forms can be used by students, employees or community members to alert the college of incidents and concerns. Please provide detailed information regarding the behavior of concern you are reporting. You are not required to complete the entire form in order for the report to be submitted. Though anonymous reports are permitted, doing so may limit the College’s ability to investigate and respond to a report. 一旦 form is received, a staff member will review the information and take appropriate 行动.

Occasionally, individuals may encounter a College-related problem, conflict, concern or issue that negatively impacts them or others. If this happens, individuals are encouraged to attempt resolving the issue directly with the involved parties. 如果你 have questions or concerns about attempting to resolve your issue with the involved parties or groups, please contact you college advisor, Dean of Students, Associate Dean or Safety & 安全 for assistance.

Please Note: This is not a 911 or emergency reporting site. 如果你 witness an incident in progress, medical emergency, or have been a victim of a safety or security incident, call 911 immediately. Making this report 到 College should never take the place of dialing 911 should a person feel threatened or that one’s safety or the safety of others is at risk.

Academic Concern: Use this form to submit a report related to academic dishonesty, disruptive classroom behavior, etc.

Accident/Injury Reporting: Complete this form for any accidents, injuries or medical incident related issues.

Accommodations Concern: Use this form to submit issues related to disability accommodations or accessibility.

Campus Safety & 安全: This form is for reports related to general campus safety & security concerns or crimes/incidents committed on SCC property or during SCC sponsored events/activities.

COVID-19 Reporting: As of June 20, 2022, students and employees are no longer required to report symptoms, exposure or positive tests. Please visit 中心 (login required) for more information.

Student Care: To assist our students in maintaining their well-being and maximizing their intellectual growth, it is important to identify difficulties as early as possible and connect the student with the needed resources. Use this form to report difficulties you or another student may be experiencing.

Student Conduct Incident: Use this form to report behavior that is a violation of SCC’s Student Code of Conduct.

第九条 Reporting: Use this form to report an incident related to 第九条/Sexual Misconduct Violations. Please note: This form is not submitting a formal 第九条 complaint. For more information refer 到 第九条 Resources 网页.

General Incident or Concern: This form is for all problems that are not related to any of those identified above.